Site Not Displaying on Search Engines

What could possibly be blocking your site for not displaying on search engines? This you may wonder. Even when excerpt from the content of your web page is directly copied and pasted on the search engine, still, your web page is nowhere near the search results displayed.

Before forging ahead, do not mistake ‘blocking or not indexed’ for ‘low ranking result.’ Some pages may be indexed but won’t appear among the best ranked pages. So, this does not mean your site is blocked / not indexed on search engines.

To ensure that your site is truly blocked / not indexed, you need to type in on the search bar. If your site is indexed, it will display the number of pages. If not, the query will return no result.

In the case where ‘no result’ is returned, it is probably due to one or more of the below 6 reasons. Read these carefully and apply the solution(s) where necessary.

1. Your site is new

For site with few web pages, submitting a sitemap is a way of informing Google, Bing / Yahoo, Ask, Yandex etc. that you are present on the web. So, this makes it quicker for the engines to crawl and index your site.

To understand the process of submitting a sitemap, check out this page.

Solution: exercise some patience

Without submitting a sitemap, it may take months before your site can be found by search engine bots. Of course this will depend on the popularity of your site. The more popular your site is, the faster it can be noticed by bots.

While submitting a sitemap is recommendable, it does not mean your site easily gets indexed on search engine. The process takes time as there are other sites being submitted. So, you have to wait for the process to take effect on your turn.

2. Robots.txt is blocking the search engine bots

Basically, the robots.txt file is used to block bots from accessing sites directories. If the information on the file has been wrongly specified, it has to be corrected.

Solution: modify robots.txt file

Read this well explanatory article to learn more about Robots.txt and how it works. It will provide clear guidance when using the file to give instruction to web crawlers for your site.

3. You have ‘noindex’ meta tag specified

The difference between ‘noindex’ and robots.txt is: ‘noindex’ instruction is specified on the head section of HTML markup, while robots.txt is created as a file and saved on the root directory of each site.

Solution: check for ‘noindex’ tag


<title>Site Not Displaying on Search Engines</title>
<meta name="robots" content="noindex">
<meta name="googlebot" content="noindex">

‘Robots’ implies all search engines, and ‘googlebot’ implies for Google search engine only. Deleting these tags will give permission to search engine bots to crawl and index your site.

4. No external links pointing to your site

Solution: create external links for your site

Build links by: creating social media account(s); engaging in off site activities; engaging in offline activities.

5. Your site has different protocols

Solution: add all site protocols to search engine

6. Your site has been blocked

Also, your site will not display if the domain name was previously used by someone else and the person got penalised.

Solution: remove site from block list

Additionally, if you are not implementing SEO strategies yourself, avoid the so-called ‘experts’ that use cloaking as part of their strategies.


And as stated earlier in this article, avoid taking ‘site not displaying on search engines’ for ‘poor / low ranking result.’ These are two different issues that should be resolved with different techniques.

Meanwhile, read the below tip to help maintain your site and keep it far from unexpected errors or issues.

Tip: maintaining your site

To be particular about site performance, you need to run your site for SEO checklist, analyse for errors and analyse for traffic. Do this at least twice a month. This will provide insights to any problems your site may be having.

Use SEO checklist

Analyse for error

Analyse for traffic

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