Content Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Content marketing has become a prevailing form of marketing strategy that is used by both small and large organisations. The attractiveness of this strategy is due to its relatively low cost. For small businesses in particular, content marketing is an easy way to quickly grab the attention of target audience.

Content marketing strategies should serve a purpose. And that purpose is to tell a story that either entertains or resolves problems. As a business owner, use content marketing to tell your own story, share the story, and get readers to feel great satisfaction from it.

Adopting content marketing as a strategy means crafting valuable contents for your audience. In the next phases of this article, I will describe what content marketing means, its benefits and how it can be created for your business.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing serves as the means of creating online materials for promoting and advancing business operations. These materials can be created using various formats and be distributed across several channels. Content marketing is known to be one of the most effective methods of marketing in today’s world.

Basically, content marketing is used to draw business owners closer to their customers; used in building identity; used to build trust and relationships; used to build engagement and refreshment; used in establishing brand as an authority in its field.

What are the content marketing benefits?

Apart from the cost effectiveness of using this method of marketing, there are other several benefits tie to it. Different companies benefit differently from this method. So, the goals determine how beneficial content marketing will be to your business.

To name a few, these are the lists of benefits a business can get through content marketing strategies.

  • Brand awareness: Content marketing makes your audience familiar with the qualities of your products or services; understand what problem you can solve with your products or services; understand how your operate. All these give your business an authority in the niche it is operating in.
  • Competitive advantages: With your contents, you can demonstrate the competence of problem solving. And the more persuasive you are, the more advantages you have over your competitors.
  • Web traffic: Content marketing provides an alternative to paid advertisement for traffic generation. Engaging in content publishing creates visibility and outreach for your online or offline platform.
  • Visibility across various channels: Content marketing allows your business to show up in different formats, and available on different channels. This means, you get a wider audience to reach out to and create visibility for your business.
  • Your site stays current: Posting contents on a regular basis showcases the pertinent of your business and the readiness to quickly grasp current problems. For this, your audience will keep coming to your web page to check what solutions you have got to offer if they need help.
  • Easy to trust your brand: By consistently creating new contents, you create credibility for your brand. Therefore, you gain trust from your audience because they quickly refer to you for the latest information.
  • Get conversion: This is the ultimate reason for creating contents. Produce contents that solve problems — acquire leads — turn the leads to conversion.
  • To convert customers / clients, you may have built trust, credibility and value that can prompt target audience to take action. Employing content marketing is one of the key factors of achieving higher conversions.

The benefits of content marketing is not limited to the 7 points listed above. Depending on how your business uses contents as a strategy, there are more to be benefited from.

How to create content marketing strategies

Successfully launching and implementing a content marketing strategy is the aim of small businesses that depend on attracting customers / clients through content creation. If the strategies are properly planned and applied, the benefits are achievable within a short period of time.

With this strategy, companies with small advertising budget can indulge in using contents for business promotion. Here are list of simple steps to creating content marketing strategies that will promote your business successfully.

STEP 1: Define your business goals

This is the bedrock of your business. The first step to every strategy is to outline what the strategy is meant to achieve. That way, you get to understand the scope of your strategy, and planning becomes easy to design.

Moreover, contents will be easy to craft if the goals for creating the contents had been established. For example: if the goal is to sell a product, the content should focus on the benefits of using the product and how it can be used.

STEP 2: Determine your audience

At this stage, you want to know your target audience. Knowing your audience gives you the ability to create contents specifically targeting certiain group of people. Besides, you get to understand the exact contents to be produced.

To determine your audience, you need to know which group of people are in need of what your are offering. In addition, it is very important to know where and how they can be reached.

STEP 3: Define the channel of distribution

What channels are you planning to use in communicating to your audience? Having the right answer to this question is crucial. But, it starts by identifying who your audience will be and knowing where they can be reached. Thereafter, use that platform to tell and share your story.

Sharing your own story means to connect with your audience. Here are three magical ways you can influence your audience online. Try to avoid the mistake of over spreading your reach. It can be daunting, and at the end, it may become a waste of time.

STEP 4: Determine content type

At this point, it is important to choose what format your contents will appear to be. Contents can be created in audio, video or text format. And these formats can be through blog posts, social media contents, podcasts, video posts etc.

The big point here is to know what type of content format works better for your niche and audience. Then use that format to communicate with your audience.

STEP 5: Be consistent

One of the greatest strength of content marketing is consistency. Choose a platform, and determine how frequent your content will be available to your audience. It can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Make sure this is consistent and be disciplined about it.

As a business owner, understand how often you should produce contents to better inform your audience.

STEP 6: Track and measure

The best way to improve any strategy is to track and measure its performance. By so doing, you learn to strengthen channels that provides results for your business and work to improve the weaker ones.

To measure the performance of your content marketing strategies, choose a tools that can analyse and produce metrics in relation to your business goals.


Content marketing is a strong method for showcasing who you are and what your business represents. For small businesses seeking to get their message across to a wider reach, content creation can guarantee a successful outcome if done properly.

The market need for content is huge. Therefore, small businesses intending to grow, within a short period, are highly recommended to integrate content marketing tactics into their overall marketing strategies.

When creating contents, try to tailor the contents to meet the needs of your audience. This can be done by identifying a problem and point straight to how it can be solved.

If you are interested in my content service, drop me a message. I will get back to you as soon as possible.




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Calistus Mbachu

Calistus Mbachu

Online Marketing Specialist

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